Whenever an apparent problem arises in your mind : The Solution

1. Stay mindfully present as impersonal awareness with your thoughts and emotions.

2. Step aside and create some non-judgmental, witnessing space (distance) from the perceived problem in order to remain open and objective.

3. Simply observe and dis-identify (without any emotional reaction, beliefs, overblown expectations or personal bias) the mental activities currently being played out.  Diffuse your personal association to what your story-making mind is perceiving as a ‘problem’, so it does not disturb your inner equilibrium and natural, unmoved peace. When you stop throwing wood onto the fire, it will eventually burn out. It is enough to become a silent, unmoved observer to the whole thinking process.

4. Respond with Presence from the clear space of neutrality for a creative solution to emerge. Deprogramming unconscious programs in the mind always starts with self-awareness, self-observation and inner discipline (you can always rewire your mind to form new neural connections in your brain).

8 Responses to MIND HACK

  1. Petra says:

    I had a couple experience’s at different times that gave me a visual of what pure consciousness was like. I awoke to seeing everything in my room , but not having any words or meaning for any of it. I could see it, furniture ceiling but no thoughts at all. It was like my thinking mind had not awakened yet. Just pure consciousness. No judgment, no words or thoughts…just observing . Very good experience. Another I left this dimension ( triggered by opening a door) and suddenly found myself at the end of a long hall with doors on each side with a door at the end. It lasted about10 seconds and I was back here again. I didn’t have any thoughts while i was there, I could just see it.Didn’t know what it was. I had no words for anything. When I returned to my present state…I could then know what I had seen. Completely unattached to what I was seeing at both times. Very interesting .

  2. Elizabeth Clifford says:

    I have worked on this understanding for several years now and I have found it very hard to do in positives of timing but once your mind finds the reality of this solution it becomes mind blowing. Great article I love your page and tubler

  3. Bill says:

    I innerstand this as the center path.

  4. Lady Grasha says:

    I like to tell people around that are close to me about a problem because it allows me to view it through different eyes and imagine ways in which it can be handled.

  5. Pearl says:

    Hmmmm.. These are nice points. I like #3 though because simply observing and disidentifying my head really worked for me all the time.

  6. Dammy says:

    Well, for me, the solution whenever an apparent problem arises in my mind is to view it from different angles and see how to tackle it without stress.

  7. Vivian says:

    True. Stepping aside and creating some non-judgmental, witnessing space from the perceived problem is great in order to remain open and objective. I do that a lot and it’s helpful.

  8. Brian Helen says:

    Interesting post, I really love the fact that the solution shows how to do the mind hack, explain it and how it works in terms of the brain, and then explains how it works in the real world.

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